Christmas Wedding Theme

Christmas is definitely the season to be jolly, as most Christmas carols would stress out. But did you know that the Christmas wedding theme is actually becoming more and more popular amongst wedded couples? Grooms are even sliding a ring onto their new bride’s finger while wearing a Santa costume! There are so many easy aspects that you can use in incorporating such a theme.

The color scheme should be the first thing to consider with this theme. With Christmas, it is only natural to think of the colors green and red. If you do decide to go with these colors, make sure that the shades you choose are very deep and rich. Do not go with the primary shades of red and green because they would only look like drab. Evergreen and crimson, for starters, make very nice shades for a Christmas wedding theme. You can also incorporate silver and gold in the form of ribbons and lace for the gowns of the whole entourage.

As for wedding invitations, you have so many options to choose from. Mistletoe, snowflakes, reindeer, sleighs, icicles, the Christmas tree itself, all these and more make great decorations for your wedding invitations. You can check the Internet for the perfect clipart images to use for your invitations. Make sure to choose the appropriate font in lettering your invitations as well.

Fresh flowers are not really in season during Christmas, so mistletoe and garlands would make great substitutes here. For centerpieces on the reception tables, you can go with cornucopias or bouquets of dried flowers instead. Poinsettias make great additions to the whole theme as well.

Snowflakes make great ornaments for the reception area, as well as the site for the wedding ceremony. You can design the ceiling with hanging snowflake ornaments, for instance. Icicles can also be added here. The important thing here is that the ornaments should be glittering in appearance, to give that magical feeling that comes with Christmas. And let us not forget the wedding buffet! The usual holiday buffet would include turkey, stuffing, sliced ham, cranberry sauces, potatoes, the works! These and more should not be exempted from your wedding buffet as well. Your wedding cake should also be adorned with a frosty theme, to go with the overall theme of the celebration.

To add to the glamour of the celebration, the bride and the groom can also arrive at the reception site in a sleigh or carriage that is drawn by horses. The budget should be considered here, but this can really be a nice touch to a Christmas wedding theme. Thus, you should also consider this aspect.

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