Las Vegas Themed Wedding

Las Vegas has long been famous for the many wedding chapels all over the strip. Thus, it does not really come as a surprise if you would want to have a Las Vegas wedding theme of your own. This theme can be incorporated even if your wedding does not take place in Las Vegas itself! You can easily experience your own wedding without traveling to the place known as Sin City!

Colors are very important for your Las Vegas wedding. It does not matter where you hold your wedding per se, as long as you use the colors of the Sin City, which are red, black, and white. These colors are easily incorporated. The bride could go with the traditional wedding gown, with red roses for her bouquet. But you could also go with modern cuts for your gown, you know. Remember that this is a Las Vegas wedding, so just about anything goes here! The groom can also wear the traditional black tuxedo.

Keeping in mind how the modern suits can be used for Vegas weddings; the groom can also go for white tuxedos. Just make sure the whole getup of the groom is still in line with the official Vegas colors of red, white, and black. Aside from the tuxedo and the gown, the handkerchiefs and the cummerbunds of the whole entourage should wear the Vegas colors as well. For accessories, you can go with hair and garter decorations that come with playing card designs. After all, Las Vegas is laden with casinos all over the strip, so you should incorporate playing cards. Poker chip designs would also make great additions.

After the wedding ceremony, you can then party with your guests Vegas style! This can be done by renting the conference room of a certain hotel, which you can turn into your very own private casino! Blackjack tables can be set up, along with Roulettes, Slot machines, and the whole shebang! You can have friends and relatives act out the roles of blackjack dealers. Or, to truly enhance your casino reception, you can hire professional blackjack dealers! Do not worry if you do not really have a strong background on what the typical casino should look like. There are many novelty shops that can assist you with the details of each game. Chips, cards, and table tops are also provided by these shops, so they make great partners here.

With your very own Las Vegas wedding theme, you are sure to give your guests a wedding they will never forget. You would also enjoy your own wedding as well, which is very important in the celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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