Fall Wedding Theme Ideas

Fall wedding is such an old concept. Couples from different areas in the world have already tried it, and that they all realized that contrary to the popular belief, fall wedding provides a number of opportunities for partners to choose from. Many may think of corn stalks and pumpkins abounding the scene along with cornucopias and falling leaves. Well, although these materials are common, there is still a lot more to talk about fall wedding themes.

Fall wedding theme comes in a variety of choices. The options you can use for your own big day includes the following:

Vineyard Theme – As you probably know, hosting a wedding at a vineyard is such a unique idea perfect for those who are thinking of tying a knot in autumn. It is a perfect area for the reception, but requires you to pay bucks though for the rent. Yes, it is one of the most expensive venues for wedding, but what makes this place considerable is that you’ll need not to spend a lot for the decorations as vineyards often are already decorated to amaze the public. You can find bunches of grapes perfect as substitute for the traditional cornucopia, and you can prepare these fruits fresh with their leaves.

Halloween Theme – Thinking of something more unique and exciting? Why not allow you and your guests to appear on their favorite Halloween costumes on your big day? You can dress as Princess Buttercup, while your groom takes the appearance of a farm boy. You can even dress your man as Prince Charming and you, Cinderella. Well, this fall wedding theme is favorable as it gives you the chance to integrate a combination of Halloween and fairy tale into your big day, your fall wedding.

Masquerade Ball Theme – Another interesting theme to use for a fall wedding celebration, a masquerade ball allows couples to make their wedding unforgettable by way of allowing their guests to wear a variety of masks.…

Beach Wedding Theme

A beach wedding theme is very popular nowadays, especially during the summer months. Still, any couple would want to know ways and means to garner savings while incorporating this wedding theme.

There are many methods for you to save money with this theme. And one can even start with the wedding invitations! Make the invitation simple, maybe with a photograph of the bride and groom at the beach. A popular choice used is actually a childhood picture of the bride and groom having fun with each other at the beach. This picture denotes a sense of forever, especially if the bride and groom have known each other since childhood.

As for a wedding dress, the bride can wear a mermaid-style dress. This dress is not expensive to come by at all. Alternatively, the bride can choose to wear a long sundress, since sundresses are ideal beachwear as well. Of course, the bride should wear a sun hat with the sundress. Since this is a beach wedding, the flowers need not be formal at all. An informal bouquet that has ribbons of bright beach colors will suffice.

The groom himself can wear a simple shirt with an open neck, or perhaps a suit that is of a light shade. In addition, if you really want to go for the beach getup, then the groom can wear beach shirts and plain shorts! This way, the beach theme would indeed be incorporated.

For the bridesmaids, sundresses are also appropriate for the theme, along with straw hats, of course. Bikini tops and straw hats can be worn by the women. An interesting twist can also be done with the flower girls. Instead of dropping flowers down the aisle, they can drop seashells instead. This would make the wedding unique. The seashells can also be used to spruce the place up!…