Roaring 20s Wedding Theme

If you have chosen a 1920’s wedding theme, most probably you yourself are a flapper, the bright young people in the 1920’s who takes great pride in having fun despite the adults’ opinion that they are reckless and irresponsible. You may have been a great fan of the black and white movies where the actresses wear flapper dresses and use long ropes of pearls as dress ornaments; where the actors look dapper in pinstriped zoot jackets and trousers. You may already have a definite idea of how to make your 1920’s inspired wedding stand out but here are several suggestions you may want to use.

Why don’t you use black and white pictures of famous movie stars in that era? Hang photos of Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks. The one of Charlie Chaplain with the monkey suit and the bowler hat would surely attract your guests’ attention. And while you’re at it, cover doorways with colorful beaded curtains to enhance the looks of the room. And in one corner, ask a photographer to set up a replica of a 1920’s studio where your guests can wait for the photographer’s “SMILE” to have their photos taken.

Brides in those days would use seamed stockings instead of panty hose; put on low heeled strapped pumps and wear fringed flapper dresses. Other brides would favor wedding dresses with dropped waist lines and with a sash tied around the hips. The wedding veil may be anchored to the head with a chaplet headpiece or a wreath of orange blossoms.

1920’s wedding theme grooms would be dressed in zoot suit. A pinstriped jacket with pads on the shoulders will be worn over baggy trousers with tapered bottom. The groom may also opt to don a 4 button double breasted jacket.…