Spring Wedding Theme

Perhaps there could be no better season to celebrate the sacrament of matrimony than during spring. Spring is a time of rebirth, grown and beginnings – and there’s nothing like witnessing a new marriage bloom than holding a spring wedding theme to make this special moment truly magical.

The first decision you’ll want to make when it comes to your spring wedding theme is choosing your dress and what your attendants will wear. Because it’s a spring themed wedding, you’ll want to stick with light, airy looks and avoid anything that’s too heavy for the season. When it comes to your bridal gown, this means staying away from heavy satins, velvets and georgettes, and choosing chiffons, silks or charmeuse fabrics instead. You can also incorporate lace into your spring themed wedding gown, as the flowers embroidered in the lace will tie in nicely with the spring flowers you use as decorations.

Next up, when it comes to your bridesmaids, consider a tea-length or shorter dress in a bright spring color to complement your spring wedding theme. Spring is a time to rejoice in warmer weather, so the last thing you want to do is stick your attendants in floor length gowns made of some dark, drab color, like black, brown or burgundy. Finish their looks with strappy sandals to truly highlight your spring theme.

For the men in your wedding party, consider that, while you might not want to go as casual as linen suits (better suited to a summer wedding theme), you still want them to look bright and festive. Choosing brightly colored vests, cummerbunds or ties can be one way to highlight your spring theme, as is selecting tuxedos with lower lapels so that more of their dress shirts and spring-colored accessories show through.

Another important consideration when deciding to go with a spring wedding theme is to incorporate garden elements, wildflowers, herbs, fresh fruit and pastel colors into your setting. For instance, at the ceremony, you can have your bride and the bridesmaids wear wreaths or carry bouquets of beautiful wildflowers. On the other hand, the groom as well as the groomsmen can also wear flower boutonnieres too.

Some popular wedding flowers that commonly bloom in spring are daffodils, irises, lilacs and tulips. You can use daisy or wildflower petals as a good substitute to the usual rosebuds scattered as the bride walks down the aisle. Also, consider using butterflies or birdseed instead of a bubble or rice shower after the wedding ceremony.

Moving on to the reception, you can have your guests enjoy appetizers or cocktail at an outside patio. Especially if the weather allows, this location is a great place for your guests to bask in the fresh spring air. Have plenty of fresh fruit as well. You can serve fresh fruit salad or strawberries or any other fruit smothered in chocolate. Aside from fresh fruit, you may also want to offer fruit desserts when serving the wedding cake. Fruit tarts are great choices.

If you’re choosing to serve a full meal at your reception, you can play up your spring wedding theme with your selections there as well. A spring wedding isn’t the time to serve heavy cream-based dishes or dark meats in big portions. Instead, incorporate the lighter, brighter feel of spring into your wedding reception meal with salads, pasta dishes that are full of fresh herbs and vegetables and lighter meats, like chicken or pork.

And don’t forget about your cake! A spring themed wedding is a great time to choose a lighter cake, like lemon chiffon, white chocolate raspberry or even carrot cake. Decorate your wedding cake with plenty of fresh flowers (or with sugar flower decorations) to really play up your spring wedding theme.

Moreover, play light, soothing music, preferably harp or flute music. When it comes to decorations, put wildflowers in metal buckets or clear vases. You can also mix them with dried or fresh herbs such as rosemary and lavender. Flowers in bowls and floating candles are simple yet excellent additions to your centerpieces. You can do create these additions by yourself by immersing silk flowers like daisies or roses in clear glass bowls with water and then adding flower-shaped floating candles. Light up the candles for stunning centerpieces.

In addition, have wine glass charms shaped like butterflies, daisies or garden tools as spring wedding favors. Attach these to wine glasses at your centerpieces and then note on the place-card at every table setting that these charms are for your wedding guests to keep. You can also put seed packets in tiny terra cotta pots tied with a ribbon, with an instruction tag attached to it, showing guests how to plant the seeds.

These spring wedding theme ideas can help make you and your guests look back at your wedding with fresh and beautiful memories in the years to come.

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